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BlockSafe Technologies Is Ready To Roll Out STO website

BlockSafe Technologies is a company serving the blockchain ecosystem accompanying a suite of solutions. It offers a shield against countless cyber vulnerabilities. Moreover, the token clings to compliance guidelines provided from the SEC authorities and clients can buy it on the official website “”.

CryptoDefender app of BlockSafe is said to be a comprehensive security solution relatively for laptops, desktops, and mobile devices. Moreover, it is already accessible worth $9.99 for a monthly subscription.

Meanwhile, clients can install it on till five distinct devices. Also, other two solutions remain in several phases of development, say ExchangeDefender is in beta. The company is trying to raise funds in the market and commercialize their security solutions such as:

  1. CryptoDefender mainly secures crypto wallets within desktop and mobile devices
  2. ExchangeDefender targets protection regarding the internal users as well as systems of crypto exchanges
  3. BlockchainDefender is a solution that serves enterprises industry consortia and ensures security with permission blockchain

According to the CEO at BlockSafe Technologies, George Waller:

People and businesses need to take notice of attacks, understand the implications and recognize that there is a way to defend them. The company is 100 percent dedicated to defending blockchain & crypto and we’ve been in cyber for nearly 20 years.

Moreover, this time it brings them to tokenize companies offering, which let investors join the market bandwagon. The investors can now help drive security to the crypto community.

Meanwhile, the team is looking to bolster confidence within the blockchain and cryptocurrency. They will secure the investments right from poor token projects and unnecessary malware.

BlockSafe assures to remain at the forefront while guarding crypto exchanges and wallets. Back in 2018, above billion dollars in cryptocurrency faced hacks, four-fold raises over the year 2017.

It seems crypto wallets and exchanges are securing themselves, however, accessing them via online seems weak. It is that week, any attackers and malware can manipulate and interrupt the security.

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